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Extended Elangomat Committee Orientation


So, you want to be an Elangomat. You've come to the right place.

Volunteering to be an Elangomat is admirable. It is an excellent way to demonstrate the tenets of the Order of the Arrow: Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and Service.

What is an Elangomat?

Continue on and you will learn that an Elangomat is a guide, a teacher and an example. Serving as an Elangomat is not easy; it is a great sacrifice. An Elangomat must be a constant example of the Obligation. Taking the task seriously, you will gain as much or more than you give. The Ordeal really is better the second time round.

The Elangomat is the candidate's friend for the entire Ordeal, and hopefully longer. The Elangomat eats, sleeps and works along with his Clan. He provides a living EXAMPLE of the ideals of BROTHERHOOD, CHEERFULNESS and SERVICE to the new members.


If you are ready to be that Example, let's go......

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