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Website Projects

These are our projects in priority order as determined at our committee meeting of 3/20/04.

Forms 1Validate all current forms, modify title on candidate letters.Complete 3/21/04
Forms 2Make forms typeable (at least some of them). Alternative: collect info and make html version.3/27/04
Rules and ProceduresUpdate to current version of all Rules and Procedures. Remove rules from procedures.Complete 3/22/04
Ceremonialist RegistryOriginally intended for speaking parts could also include who has equipment and/or can help with site setupComplete 4/16/04
Service Page enhancementsMuseum, one day, service daysComplete (for now)
Candidate PagesCreate pages for candidates
Ride BoardTool to allow posting of requests for a ride and of rides available to lodge & chapter events.
Eagle PipeThe Enhanced version
Resource RosterMake online versionScrapped