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Vigil Breakfast

Vigil Breakfast Memories

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Another great picture from the 2008 Vigil Breakfast!

Another great picture from the 2007 Vigil Breakfast!

Another great picture from the 2005 Vigil Breakfast!

What's it for?

The Vigil Breakfast is public recognition of the new Vigil members and a great chance for Vigil members of our lodge from different eras to meet and talk.

What do we do?

Have Fun! Okay, now that you've had the short answer, the longer answer is we eat breakfast, announce the new Vigil members, and perform the best rendition of the Lodge song all year.

When is it?

It's usually the last Saturday in October or so, right in the middle of the Fall Fellowship. You can always check the Calendar for details.

Who can come?

The Vigil Breakfast is open to Vigil Members.

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